Digital Dentistry and Precision Fabrication

As the needs of our clients change, so do our tools and techniques. We at Aesthetic Dental Lab are committed to staying current with the trends in digital dentistry. Our facility in Niagara Falls, ON is equipped with a high-end scanner and a CAD/CAM compatible milling machine.

Benefits of Going Digital

Traditional fabrication of dental prostheses requires a lot of trial and error. This is largely due to inaccurate and sometimes subjective analog measurements. Even when using casts and molds, patients have to be inconvenienced with numerous fittings just to get their dentures or crowns to fit right.

With our 3D scanners, measurements are more precise and definitive. Additionally, our scanners are compatible with CAD software. This guarantees no loss of dimension data and ensures that your patient’s prosthesis is made exactly to their size. Furthermore, our milling equipment can be controlled via computer to allow for accurate fabrication.

Denture Services at Aesthetic Dental

Our Equipment

Aesthetic Dental Lab is equipped with a Medit Identica 3D scanner that utilizes white light technology. This scanner was developed exclusively for use in dental applications. It features an implant bridge as well as fast scan times. As it can be integrated with most computers and CAD software, we can send and receive STL files.

To fabricate crowns and the like, we use a VHF K5. This dental milling machine has 5 simultaneously working axes. This allows us to carve and detail prosthesis with impunity. It can also be integrated with computer-aided manufacturing software. It takes our 3D scans and recreates them with fidelity.

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