Learn More About Our Dental Lab

Find out how Aesthetic Dental Lab became the primary source of dental prostheses in Niagara Falls, ON. See how we can help your dental practice with our laboratory and fabrication services.

Efficient and Reliable

Did you know that our lab is staffed by only 9 people? Since we first opened our doors to the public in 2007, we have kept our numbers to a minimum. Our staff is composed of highly skilled and dedicated professionals. Regardless of our rapid growth, the quality of our work has remained the same.

Supporting Dentists and Denturists

Before we were established 9 years ago, dentists and denturists had to travel far to have their patient’s prosthesis made. Seeing this need for a local fabricator, our owner set up Aesthetic Dental Lab. Today, we cater to the dental prostheses needs of more than 30 dental clinics in Niagara Falls.

We specialize in the fabrication of prostheses and appliances for use in dentistry and orthodontics. This includes permanent intraoral fixtures like crowns, bridges, and dental implants. Our laboratory also offers removable items like dentures and retainers, as well as night guards and anti-snoring apparatus.

Denture Services at Aesthetic Dental

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